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Hello. I’m Ryan. This weekly newsletter is for anyone who doesn’t want to hate Mondays.

I believe everyone can find work they love and enjoy the work they do. I’m not talking about everyone working at places with perks like LinkedIn, though I did love my time working there. I’m talking about the attitude and expertise to smile while you do great work.

Some of the happiest people I’ve seen are doing work many people think sucks. Check out these examples:

I’ve found that most people have no idea and aren’t even equipped to begin answering.

That’s why I write a short thought each Sunday with stories, mental models, and tips to help you find work you love and enjoy the work you do. I love to share what I’ve learned.

Example topics include:

🍅 🍉 How 2 emoji will help you make meaningful progress

A 10-minute exercise for handling stress in your marriage

What Cortés got wrong

How to get 10x more out of your reading

Readers of this newsletter include professionals from Google, Apple, Doordash, and LinkedIn.

Welcome to the “I want Mondays to be awesome” club.

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